Mission Statement

In order to ensure the success of our monitoring activities, our team commits to abide by the following principles throughout the duration of the monitorship. These principles will guide our approach to satisfying each of the monitor's obligations under the MOA.

  1. RELIABILITY. Our team commits to perform the tasks set forth in the MOA in a professional, proficient, timely, and cost-effective manner. Our team will meet or exceed our obligations, we will honor our commitments, and we will seek at all times to advance the objectives of the MOA.

  2. ACCOUNTABILITY. I personally will bear primary responsibility for carrying out the monitoring functions set forth in the MOA and, thus, will bear primary responsibility should the city, the MPD, or the DOJ have any concerns regarding the manner in which our team conducts itself. At the same time, all the members of our team appreciate the importance of this undertaking and have critical stakes in the success of the overall venture.

  3. ACCESSIBILITY. Our team commits to establish and maintain open lines of communication among the city, the MPD, and the DOJ. These lines shall embrace both formal (e.g., written reports) and informal (e.g., periodic e-mail updates and face-to-face meetings) communications. Our team also commits to respond promptly to all inquiries from the city, the MPD, and the DOJ.

  4. AWARENESS. Our team will approach each monitoring task with an appreciation for the fact that the MPD's work is carried out in an institutional context occupied by multiple stakeholders. Consequently, our team will ensure that it remains sensitive to the complexities inherent in such an institutional context. Additionally, our team will approach each monitoring task in a manner that is minimally disruptive to the day-to-day operations of the MPD.

  5. BALANCE. Our team understands that the monitor's role is not to substitute for the city, the MPD, or the DOJ. Thus, our team commits to balance (i) the specific requirements established by the MOA, including the requirement to provide technical assistance upon request, and (ii) the more general responsibilities for overseeing the implementation of those requirements, against (iii) the need to respect the limits built into the monitor's role.